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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Activity 4.

Coyote Wars written by New England author David Willette, 2011

 Write a review of this book, which comes highly recommended by avid hunters. 

 Here are three businesses interested in publishing your review:  

  • Retail store Coyote Creek in Rochester, 
  • www.maineiacoutdoors.com website, and
  • Hawkeye: Hunting & Fishing News, New England.  

Maniac Josh Johnson, of maineiacoutdoors failed high school English. He describes hunters as a rare breed explaining, "Our passion to get outdoors blocks everything." He smiles as he adds that he was the worst at age 16 when he got his driver's license. He just couldn't wait to get home from school and get outside.

Now Josh uses his reading skills daily at work at Coyote Creek retail store. The lengthy gun paperwork is something he has to pay extra attention to. Other examples are the fishing reel repair specs and schematics. He proudly notes that he is the guy who reads the instructions carefully so others can come to him for advice. He wishes that his high school English teachers had taught him more about speaking well with people, particularly the concept of getting a sense of one's audience and knowing how to connect with them, a skill he has learned slowly on his own.

Josh attended college at Unity with the hopes of becoming a game warden. At Unity, he describes, the instructors made English more enjoyable for him by taking their classes outside to read and write. His outdoor experiences became the basis of his descriptive writing essays. He has fond memories of sitting on a bench outside and reading.

Josh and several avid hunting friends have launched a website dedicated to bringing videos of premier hunts to their audience. He also recommends the book The Hunter's Heart.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Activity 3. Yikes!

A multi-step exercise in narrative writing.

Step 1. 
Picture a scary/exciting event in your life. Print out a picture of yourself, or another person, participating in this activity.

Shooting your first deer.
Your first time in a kayak.
A car accident.

Step 2.
Relate your story to another person. Ask if they have any questions or comments about your event.

Step 3.
Reflect on your story and fill in the attached chart on google docs

Step 4. Retell the tale.
Use the notes that you just created. Retell your story to another person adding more interesting details.

Step 5.  Produce your story.
Choice of written essay or a photo essay with narration (for example: voicethread.com)